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The Journal of the International Association of Taekwondo Research. 2015  2(1): 24-29
ⓒ Journal of the International Association for Taekwondo Research
Javier Mayen*1, John A. Johnson2, Rodrigo Mayen Bosch3
1,3 Dantian, Energy, Awareness, and Martial Art Center, San Antonio, Texas, USA 2 Humanitas College, Kyung Hee University, Yongin-si, South Korea

Taekwondo has been postulated as a life philosophy for decades, but to date no proper examination of how this is possible has been conducted. Our question was therefore whether the practice of Taekwondo provides a "philosophy of life" so universal that it can be exercised in all areas of daily life. Long-time Taekwondo-in (Korean: Taekwondo practitioners) find that their practice alters their character and ethics, which in turn causes many to ponder why and how these changes occurred. We believe that with the practice of Taekwondo comes experiences that may allow practitioners to develop holistic, autonomous, philosophical, spiritual, and experiential knowledge. We conclude that Taekwondo-in may recognize that they are capable of having a unique orientation of life formed through Taekwondo practice if maieutic questioning is incorporated into their training regimes, and that constant practice can remind them that knowledge acquired from training is useful to their daily lives.
Key words : Taekwondo-in, maieutic questioning, Taekwondo Knowledge, Taekwondo Experience, Taekwondo Existence
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